Why Do I Need A Nebraska Accident Report?

Why Do I Need An Accident Report?

If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Nebraska, one of the first steps you should take is obtaining a copy of your official crash report. This document is critical for a number of reasons and can impact your ability to recover damages, file insurance claims, and protect your legal rights.

Key Reasons Why You Need A Copy of Your Nebraska Crash Report:

  • Insurance Claims – When filing an insurance claim after an accident, your insurer will likely require a copy of the crash report to process your claim and determine fault. The report provides an official record of the accident details.
  • Legal Proceedings – If you pursue a personal injury claim or lawsuit after an accident, your crash report will be a vital piece of evidence. It documents the facts of the case, including the investigating officer’s assessment of fault, citations issued, and witness
  • Dispute Resolution – Accidents often involve disputes between drivers about how the crash occurred and who is at fault. Your crash report provides an objective, third-party account from law enforcement to help resolve these disputes.
  • Employment – Some employers require crash reports if you were involved in an accident
    while driving a company vehicle or if the accident results in lost time from work.
  • Future Reference – It’s a good idea to keep a copy of your crash report for your personal records. You may need to reference it in the future for various reasons, even if no claim or legal action is taken immediately after the accident.
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We were founded on a mission to assist people who were involved in car wrecks in Nebraska by providing giving them access to the resources they need. By providing free crash reports, helpful advice, and connection to legal and medical resources, we hope you can put your accident behind you once and for all.
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