How Do I Get A Copy Of My Crash Report?

Options for Getting A Copy of your Nebraska Crash Report

If you’ve been in a car accident in Nebraska, obtaining a copy of your crash report is an important step. The crash report is an official document detailing the facts of the accident and is required for insurance claims, legal proceedings, and personal records. Here’s how you can get a copy of your Nebraska crash report.

Option 1: Requesting from the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT):

  • Wait 5 to 10 business days after the accident to allow time for the report to be processed and filed with the NDOT.
  • Visit the NDOT’s Accident Reports and Logs webpage.
  • Click on the “Accident Reports and Logs” link to access the online database.
  • Search for your crash report by date, location, or names of drivers involved.
  • Follow the prompts to order and pay for your crash report. Fees may apply.

Alternatively, you can request your report by mail using the NDOT’s request form. However, this method may take longer.

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Car accidents can be challenging and frustrating situations to process. It can be difficult to know what to do next. One of the best ways to move forward after being involved in an automobile accident is by securing a copy of your official Nebraska accident report. With us, the process has never been easier! We’re here to connect you with a copy of your report today at absolutely no cost to you. Just fill out our simple, 2-minute online questionnaire today!
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