What Is In My Nebraska Accident Report?

If you’ve been involved in a vehicle collision in Nebraska, it’s important to understand what information is included in an official crash report. A Nebraska crash report documents the key details of the accident and is submitted to the Nebraska Department of Transportation.
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If you were involved in a collision in Nebraska, you might have questions about how to report it and what you should do next to initiate and file an accident report. When you file a claim with the insurance company, one of the first things they’ll ask for is a copy of your official crash report.

Your Nebraska Crash Report Explained

A standard Nebraska crash report will contain the following:

  • Date, time, and specific location of the accident
  • Names, addresses, and contact information for all drivers involved
  • Vehicle details including make, model, year, color, and license plate numbers
  • Insurance information for the vehicles
  • A diagram and description of the accident based on the investigating officer’s assessment
  • Road, weather, and lighting conditions when the crash occurred
  • Total number of vehicles involved and estimates of property damage
  • Witness names and contact information
  • Injuries to drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and where they were transported for treatment
  • Any citations or arrests of drivers
  • Name and badge number of the investigating officer

There are two main Nebraska crash report forms – the Driver’s Motor Vehicle Accident Report that drivers may need to submit within 10 days if the accident caused injury, death, or at least $1500 in damage, and the Investigator’s Motor Vehicle Accident Report completed by law enforcement who respond to the accident.

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